JA Financial Literacy (Form 2)

This Financial Literacy program serves as the entry point for JA Eswatini to schools, targeting Form 2 learners. JA Financial Literacy program has been developed from being a series of 6 activities that help learners explore personal financial education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values into introducing valuable finance lessons such as Tax education, how to formulate and run cooperatives, and also delve more on the concept of saving and investments. This program has been extended from the 6 hours and is implemented throughout the duration of the form 2 learning period of a child. Eventually, this program will be executed throughout the high school life of a student in order to extensively delve into the practical aspect of this program. Currently the program is rolled out in a total of 56 schools. Through the cooperatives program, young people have saved over E166 000.00. This is an amount safely kept at Lubane savings and Credit Cooperatives where it accrues 5.5% interest. This program impacts over 2549 in school leaners who are grasping the concept of saving.

JA Company Program (Form 4 Learners)

The JA Company Program is 15 week hands on entrepreneurship program that provide learners the opportunity to run a real mini company while still in school. Offered to Form 4 learners, the program gives learner participants practical experience on running a business. Skills developed during this program include the ability to conduct a feasibility study, assemble products, estimate production costs and profit margins, negotiation skills, problem solving and team work. The program beneficiaries are also required to undertake a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project as part of their business activities. Finally JA hosts an annual mini business plan competition national expo during which the learners compete for the best business concept and subsequently win awards in various categories

JA Job Shadow Program (Form 5s)

This program completes the JA experience. This is a work readiness education program that prepares learners for the world of work with skills such as resume writing, and interview skills. Learners are then placed on a 5 days’ work place based career exploration program hosted in actual business environment. Host opportunities are provided by the local business community and this program is offered to Form 5 learners.

Out of School Programs

This program focuses on capacity building of participants and it involves promoting business start-up, mentorship and couching by experience entreprenuers. The program comprises of four components:

  • A three-day boot camp which focuses on ideas generation
  • Five week business management training where they develop the business ideas into a viable business plan
  • A six months mentorship program with experienced entreprenuers who hand-hold them to turn their business plans into reality and also assist them with resource mobilization skills.
  • Business development services department upon graduation from the program, the young entrepnuers are enrolled in BDS department where they receive ongoing business advisory and coughing support for a period of three years to assist them during the challenging early years of busines start-up.


"Being part of the JACO program has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurship world, in terms of business concepts."

- Neliswa Bhembe, CEO -

"I am very grateful to have been selected to partake in the Job Shadow Program. It has been really instrumental in reviving my dream to become an entreprenuere."

- Mphilwenhle Tsabedze From Manzini Nazarene High School -

"The JACO program gave me an experience of what entrepreneurship is about. It also helped me adapt to multi-tasking as I had to balance between school and running a business at the same time."

- Casey Tembe- Human Resources Manager -

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