The Business Development Services department focuses on capacity building of out of school youth, which involves entrepreneurship training, mentorship and coaching and business support services.

Project Goal:

To create business opportunities and reduce unemployment rate among out of school youth in Eswatini.


  • To assist out of school youth to turn their ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses.
  • To equip out of school youth with skills for resource mobilization for their businesses.
  • To provide mentorship program for the out of school youth participants

Young people enrolling in the program go through a comprehensive training starting with a three-day BootCamp which focuses on idea generation, to a five-week business management training where they develop the business idea into a viable business plan. Thereafter, they go through a six months mentorship program with experienced entrepreneurs who hand-hold them to turn their business plans into reality and also assist them with resource mobilization skills. Upon graduation from the program, the young entrepreneurs receive on-going business advisory and coaching support for a period of three years to assist them during the challenging early years of business start-up.

Current Projects

Currently JA Eswatini is implementing three projects targeting different youth groups.

  • In partnership with the Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC), JA Eswatini is implementing the Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) program targeting 30 unemployed young people under Mhlume Inkhundla. This program has a seed capital of E100 000 to be shared by the best three businesses.
  • JA also partnered with MTN Eswatini to train completing vocational students at the Eswatini Skills Centres with entrepreneurship skills. The best five students will receive a start up kit worth E10 000 each.
  • JA Eswatini has also partnered Piggs Peak Municipal Council to provide entrepreneurship and business development training program for unemployed young people and women of Piggs Peak who have chosen to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.


  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Identifying Business opportunities
  • Business idea generation


  • Acquiring entrepreneurial and business management skills
  • Developing idea into a viable business plan


  • Providing support and skills for financial access
  • Support in setting up the business


  • Business advisory services
  • Link to financial institutions and other funding opportunities
  • Markert linkage


"Being a part of the JA Out of school program has made me realize that there are opportunities beyond what I envisioned before."

- Melusi Tfwala -

"Being a part of the JA out of school program has challenged me to consider my surroundings and consider business opportunities that are available for someone with my skill."

- Sethule Maziya -

"I Have No Regrets for leaving my employment in pursuit of becoming my own employer."

- Nhlanhla Shelembe -

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