The National Expo

The national Expo develops from the JA Company Program. After the students liquidate their mini companies at the end of the program, their Business Plans and Liquidation Reports enter a preliminary round of judging whereby the coded reports are accessed by three different judges. The schools with the ten best results therefore make our Top Ten schools for the year in the program. These are the schools that make it to the National Expo Competition to compete in front of a panel of judges and an audience that includes dignitaries.

During the competition, leaners make a power-point presentation of 5-minutes in front of a panel of final judges. They are accessed on different aspects, including innovativeness of the product, presentation itself and teamwork, just to name a few. The different Expo Prizes are as follows;

ManzinI Nazarene’s Econovative presenting on stage during the national expo competition.

3rd Runner ups from Mhlume High School displaying their trophy during the national expo, while Prime Minister’s Representative Dr. Phineous Magaula looks on together with JAS Executive Director Jean Mwenda.

Dignitaries join 2nd Runner ups from Lusoti High School during the national Expo Competition.

Ngomane High School displaying their product which is charcoal extracted from cow dung.

SOS High School displaying their products during the national Expo Competition.